separate digital display for the potentials of zero to 19/99 V resolution 0 / 01 volt accuracy of one percent.

separate digital display for current from zero to 1/999 mA mA with a resolution and accuracy of one percent.

separate digital display for displaying the amount of charge moved (Idt) 1999 colon and separated by a colon

possibility of working in a controlled constant potential (relative to the reference electrode or cathode ) with Rayleigh & continuously adjustable from 0 to 19/99 volts .

possibility of working at constant potential idols controlled by adjusting the flow from zero to 1/999 amps.

◄ separate adjustment potentiometers to help current and potential accuracy and precision of around 10 0/25 ± percent.

The output terminal of the electrodes, cathodes , anodes and reference.

ability to work with two electrodes ( without reference ) and three electrodes ( with a separate reference ).

AC input 30 ± 220 V , 50 Hz , 0 / 5 amps.

protected against short circuit and overload , and are equipped with an electronic cooling system .

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